J.G. Stanley & Co., Inc.

  Licensing/Retail Consulting  
J.G. Stanley & Co., Inc. was formed nineteen years ago to fill a specific
need in the industry for a mid-sized agency specializing in licensing,
marketing, retail consulting for museum shops and websites, as well as
direct response and premium programs. By utilizing a full-scale
marketing approach, in-depth knowledge of the industry and its
legal ramifications, Stanley had assembled a list of prestige clients and
projects along with a worldwide network of affiliated licensing and
marketing agencies to implement programs around the globe.



Services include master planning for marketing and licensing of properties,
sales and implementation, property management, retail consulting for museum
stores, e-commerce, electronic retailing, special events marketing,
direct response marketing, catalog and product development.



This list enumerates only a few of the clients who have been or are currently clients of
J.G. Stanley & Co., Inc.:

... among others



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